Car Air Conditioning & Regas


Air conditioning system issues can arise from a tiny leak to a broken pipe, ruptured hoses, electrical issues or blocked filters. There's no need to drive around Adelaide in a hot car on a nice day. Have all of your air conditioning issues fixed. Make an appointment to see the technicians at Port Adelaide Auto Repairs today (ARC licence # AU44711).

Car Air Conditioning Services from Port Adelaide Auto Include:

  • Car Air Conditioner Regas
  • Electrical repair and Fuse Replacement
  • Compressor replacement
  • Condenser Repair
  • Replacement Fittings
  • O-Ring Replacement
  • Pressure Switch Repair
  • Cabin Filter Replacement
  • Cooling Fan Replacement
  • Evaporator Drain Cleaning
  • Hose Replacement and repairs

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Car Air Conditioning FAQS

An automotive air conditioning system is made up of of four basic parts - a belt driven pump called a compressor to compress and circulate gas, the condenser to dissipate heat and condense gas to a liquid, an evaporator to withdraw heat from the car and dehumidify refrigerant…

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