Car Battery Replacement


Is your car not starting? Maybe the charging light is turning on?

It’s time to talk to a car battery specialist. Port Adelaide Auto replaces batteries in all models and brands of cars. Our qualified auto electricians will install a new car battery quickly in emergency situations. We recommend a regular battery check at each service.

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Why Choose Port Adelaide Auto?

  • Quality Workmanship: We are well known for our quality workmanship and attention to detail
  • Timely Delivery: If we say your car will be ready at a particular day and time, we will fulfill our promise
  • Ongoing Training: We invest time and money into furthering our skills and education
  • Branded Materials: Our materials and equipment are all tried and tested leading brands

Car Battery Replacement Services:

  • Master Cylinder Testing
  • Car Battery Testing
  • Car Battery Replacement
  • Old Battery Recycling
  • Electrical System Tests
  • Alternator Replacements
  • Starter Motor Replacements

The Role of a Car Battery

A car battery provides a source of energy for the starter and ignition system to power the car. If you’re in the market for a new battery, there are key points to consider to help you choose the right battery. When buying a battery, consider how often you drive, how far you drive, the weather and condition of the roads you drive on. These can all play a part in your battery’s lifetime and reliability.

Got a Flat Battery – What Are Your Options?

When we attend to a car with a flat battery or suspect a flat battery during a service, we search for the underlying cause. First we will test the battery, followed by the car’s charging system. If we can’t find the cause, we will investigate the entire car to determine what may be draining the battery.

Talk to Port Adelaide Auto today if you’re having car battery issues.

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