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Grinding issues, chirping noises, issues getting in or out of gear and sticking from using aftermarket clutch parts can make driving a hazard.

Clutch issues may sound like a big issue when you are experiencing them however our team has the tools, the time and the talent to get you back on the road in no time.

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Why Choose Us

  • Peace of Mind: As a Repco Authorised Service Centre we back up all the work we perform with the RepcoNationwide Guarantee.

  • Great Mechanics: All of our mechanics at Port Adelaide Auto are kept up to date on all the latest parts and services with ongoing training seminars and service bulletins from Repco.

  • Great Value: Our connection to local vendors and access to the Repco spare parts network helps us give you the best service at the best price in Port Adelaide.

Clutch Services from Port Adelaide Auto Include:

  • Clutch Plate Replacement
  • Clutch Cable Replacement
  • Clutch Release Bearing Replacement
  • Flywheel Repair
  • Hydraulic Line Replacement
  • Master Cylinder Repair/replacement
  • Slave cylinder repair/replacement
  • Release Fork Replacement
  • Clutch Pedal and pedal rubber Replacement

Common Clutch Issues

The most noticeable problems for a poorly performing or worn clutch is loss of drive, slipping or shuddering when starting off. The clutch can wear out because of normal wear and tear, heavy towing, incorrect operation, faulty components or when training a new driver who has a tendency to ride the clutch. You should never have to feel like you are not safe on the road. Our team is well versed in all clutch issues, such as:

  • Clutch plate Friction Material Worn causing slippage and or shudder
  • Pressure plate diaphragm spring broken causing hard selection of gears
  • Faulty thrust release and spigot Bearings causing hard selection or slippage
  • Fluid leaks Reducing Hydraulic Pressure causing hard selection
  • Broken or poorly adjusted Clutch Cable causing hard selection or slippage
  • Release Fork Sticks and making noises

When your car is having clutch issues, it will give you a headache. From the grinding to the chirping, a stuck, hard or difficult clutch can be a safety issue. It is important to maintain the proper fluid, a tightened cable.

For all your service needs be it clutch related, log book service, small issues and major repairs, make an appointment with us at Port Adelaide Auto Repairs!

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