Cooling Systems Services


The combustion engine in your vehicle works at very high temperatures.

The cooling system is responsible for removing the heat from the engine so that the vehicle can continue to operate efficiently. Without this system your car can overheat and may even come to a halt.

The coolant in a vehicle cooling system should be replaced at regular intervals every 12 months, 2 years, 4 years, 5 years depending on the coolant used or as required by the manufacturer during scheduled log book servicing requirements. Prevent early engine failure and potential dangerous overheating by making an appointment with the friendly mechanics at Port Adelaide Auto Repairs today!

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Why Work With Port Adelaide Auto Repairs

  • Peace of Mind: All of the work performed comes with The Repco Nationwide Warranty, which covers quality Repco parts and labour. and is supported at over 400 Repco Authorised Service Dealers Australia wide.
  • Great Mechanics: As Repco certified mechanics our team at Port Adelaide Auto is kept up to date on all of the latest technology thanks to ongoing training and service bulletins.
  • Great Value: As part of the Repco network we have access to great vendors across Adelaide, as well as the spare parts network, allowing us to get the work done while staying in your budget.

Cooling Systems Services from Port Adelaide Auto include:

  • Coolant flush and coolant replacement
  • Radiator and radiator Cap Replacement
  • Cooling Fan Repair
  • Radiator hose Replacement
  • Heater hose Replacement
  • Heater core replacement
  • Replacement of the Electronic Sensors
  • Water Pump Replacement
  • Thermostat Replacement
  • Cracked and leaking cylinder head gaskets

Cooling System Glossary

Understanding how the many moving parts in your vehicle come together makes it easier to understand why certain parts experience more wear and tear. While vehicle parts are built to last, they will not last forever. Some of the most common parts to the cooling system in your vehicle, and the ones you may experience issues with, include:

  • Radiator: Conducts the heat out of the engine coolant and blows it away from the engine.
  • Thermostat: Maintains the most efficient operating temperature of the liquids in the engine and works with the electronic sensors to determine when the liquids need to flow through the radiator.
  • Radiator Cap: Seals and pressurises the system which increases the boiling point of the coolant.
  • Water Pump: Works in a centrifugal fashion to move the fluid from the engine block thru the hoses to the radiator and heater core.
  • Turbulator: Fins located in the radiator tubes which help to cool the fluids more efficiently.
  • Coolant corrosion: corrosion damage to engine and cooling system components.
  • Stray current: erosion damageto engine and cooling system components.

Have your cooling system serviced by the team at Port Adelaide Auto Repairs!

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