Liquid Injection LPG


Port Adelaide Auto are licensed installers of Orbital Liquid Injection LPG systems.

If you are thinking about converting your car to LPG, a liquid injection system could be the perfect option to save money without compromising reliability or Performance. Call us today or use our handy contact form and one of our staff will contact you to discuss your vehicle.



Will my car lose power on LPG ?

Many vehicle owners are worried that have having their car converted to LPG means that their vehicle will lose power. With an Orbital Liquid LPG conversion this is not an issue. Liquid gas systems installed at Port Adelaide Auto Repair work seamlessly with the cars existing operating system and feel no different to driving a normal car. Because Liquid injection systems run LPG as a liquid all the way to the injectors they bypass the need to connect to the cooling system, and power and torque can often be improved when compared to a petrol system.



Is Liquid LPG safe and reliable?

Ford , Holden, Hyundai and Kia have all chosen factory fitted Liquid LPG systems for their vehicles, and more than one million liquid LPG systems have been factory fitted on vehicles around the world.



Is a liquid LPG system more expensive to run ?

When compared to a conventional LPG system, Liquid Injection LPG systems have much less build up and contamination and therefore the servicing requirements and upkeep of a liquid system is cheaper and less labour intensive, with no need for replacement filters and draining of conventional lpg converters. Generally they just need short service involving a leak check, visual inspection of the connection and a computer diagnostic check.



Will my fuel costs be less with an LPG system?

The average motorist can save up to 30% or sometimes more on their normal petrol bill just by converting to Liquid LPG. If you would like to find out more about the potential savings you could get by converting to LPG, use the calculator at

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