Air Conditioning System Failure


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Air Conditioning System Failure: Symptoms and Causes

Air conditioning system issues can be uncomfortable and can create health issues for your family. When there is mold in the system, a leaky hose or a bad switch it can be impossible to get any relief from the heat. This season, have our mechanics fix your air conditioning issues. Common issues include:

  • Air is not freely flowing into the cabin of the vehicle because the ventilation fan or circuit is faulty.
  • There is a refrigerant leak in the system not allowing the air to cool.
  • There is a blockage in the system due to the expansion valve is stuck closed or frozen, dirty filter/dryer not allowing the air to cool.
  • There is a smell coming from the AC because of mold or a dirty air filter.
  • There is no flow of refrigerant due to a faulty compressor, compressor clutch or electrical fault.

Air conditioning issues can be prevented with proper maintenance. Our team can save you money and time by catching issues early on. Book an Air Conditioning Service for your car HERE


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