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Common auto-electrical issues

When you turn the key in the ignition and you hear that click, click, click sound with no engine firing it is a good indicator that you have an auto electrical issue. From flat batteries to an air conditioner that doesn't cool, there are many issues which can go wrong in this system. Some of the most common symptoms and causes of auto electrical issues include:

  • Dead battery due to poor/corroded connection.
  • Dead battery due to a faulty alternator not charging.
  • Engine will not start due to a faulty starter motor.
  • Engine does not start due to a faulty engine crank shaft position sensor.
  • Vehicle stalls and will not start due to electronic Fuel pump failure.
  • Poor fuel economy and performance due to poorly tuned engine.
  • Power windows will not close due to faulty switch.
  • Air conditioner will not cool due to a faulty compressor relay.

Auto Electrical Services from Port Adelaide Auto Repairs Include:

  • Battery testing, replacement and Cleaning
  • Globe Replacement and upgrading
  • Alternator testing and Replacement
  • EFI engine Diagnosis
  • Spark Plug Replacements
  • Electronic engine tuning
  • Accessory installation ( dual battery systems, alarms, immobilisers etc)
  • ABS Brake system diagnosis and repairs
  • Vehicle body system diagnosis and repairs
  • Air conditioner system diagnosis and repairs
  • Power window repairs

For all of your auto electrical services and maintenance call the team at Port Adelaide Auto Repairs or Book an Auto Electrical Service Online today!

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