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These boots are made for torquing...

The constant velocity joint (CV Joint) ensures that your wheels spin at a constant rate when you are turning and when you are going straight, quite a remarkable feat when you think about it.

The CV Boots protect the CV joints (aka constant velocity joints). If the boots tear or break, the CV joints will start to wear and will eventually fail, a much more expensive problem to fix than just your CV boots.

The boot protects the joint and will need replacing every now and then as it is exposed directly to the elements under your car. If you don't do this, the boot could break away, spilling the grease and causing the CV joint to erode and eventually break. If you notice a clicking sound coming from your wheels when you turn, its time to book your car in ASAP. Indicators you might have a CV joint related issue include;

  • Clicking sound when turning which may be caused from a loss of the high pressure grease due to a cracked boot.
  • Growling when the vehicle is in motion due to a broken or loose CV joint.
  • Vibrations when accelerating due to a worn joint.

Since the CV Boot is made of rubber, it will break down over time until it eventually tears and lets the grease out and dirt and water in. Ideally, the problem will be identified before it breaks, or shortly thereafter, to minimise the impact on the CV Joint. If the car continues being driven without a working CV Boot and grease, the joint will start to wear away, seize up and eventually fail. In worst cases this could happen while you are driving

Our CV joint services include (where required):

  • CV Axle Half Shaft Replacement
  • CV Joint Repair
  • CV Boot Repair
  • CV Joint Replacement
  • CV Boot Replacement
  • High Pressure Grease re-filling (this goes in the boot)

The maintenance of CV Joints and boots is a perfect example of why it pays to have your car serviced regularly so parts that are close to wearing out or breaking down can be identified and either repaired or replaced before they cause additional damage that is more expensive to fix. There are many reasons you should bring your car to Port Adelaide Auto Repairs for regular servicing, including;

  • Exceptional Care: As a part of the Repco Authorised Service network of mechanics we have all the latest diagnostic equipment to keep your car running at optimal performance
  • Peace of Mind: We offer the peace of mind that comes from the Repco Nationwide Warranty, along with the friendly service which comes from dealing with a local mechanic
  • Education: Not only are our mechanics attending ongoing seminars and checking service bulletins, but they are always available to help our clients learn more about what is going on with their car

For a high quality CV Joint & Boot Service at a competitive price, contact Port Adelaide Auto Repairs. We are located at 21 Liddon Place and service many customers in Port Adelaide, Alberton, Ottoway and the surrounding areas.

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