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EFI a bit IFFY?

The Electronic Fuel Injection system (EFI) is a computer controlled high pressure fuel delivery system in modern vehicles providing the best power production and fuel efficiency possible for your engine - when it is working correctly.

Improved combustion efficiency and control in running the car engine at specific air to fuel ratios, despite variable loads on the engine, allows the EFI system to improve your fuel consumption by using a leaner air to fuel ratio than would otherwise be possible. This significantly increases the thermal efficiency of the engine and reduces brake specific fuel consumption.

If you suspect you have a problem, bring your vehicle in for a no obligation inspection before it gets any worse. We are located in Port Adelaide and also serve customers from the surrounding areas. We offer the following benefits;

  • Quality Workmanship: We are well known for our quality workmanship and attention to detail
  • Timely Delivery: If we say your car will be ready at a particular day and time, we will fulfill our promise
  • Ongoing Training: We invest time and money into furthering our skills and education
  • Branded Materials: Our materials and equipment are all tried and tested leading brands

Your electronic fuel injection (EFI) system is designed to reliably deliver fuel to the engine in a highly efficient manner, helping your vehicle to run smoothly and at peak performance, whilst using the minimum amount of fuel. Port Adelaide Auto Repairs provide a range of EFI and fuel injections services such as;

  • Fuel injector replacements and repairs
  • Diagnostics, testing and inspection
  • Repairs and replacements
  • Cleaning your Throttle valve, fuel filter and fuel injector
  • Checking sensors
  • Checking engine control unit (ECU)

EFI is an acronym for Electronic Fuel Injection, the process of delivering fuel from the tank to the engine via direct injection. Problems with fuel injection systems can vary from minor to major concerns. We use/check a wide range of parts including:

  • Fuel injectors: Electronically controlled valves which control the fuel supply
  • Cylinder head
  • High pressure fuel pump
  • Fuel Regulator: Sensor which regulates how much fuel is atomized
  • Sequential firing device: Controls the individual fuel injectors so that they open just before their cylinder for maximum efficiency
  • Fuel rail: Provides the pressure to the fuel injection system
  • Mass airflow sensor: Sensor in the engine control unit which measures the amount of air that is coming into the engine
  • Oxygen sensor: Located in the exhaust system to measure how much fuel is being burned and how much is left
  • Throttle position: Set to monitor how much air is pushed into the system
  • Coolant temperature sensor: Maintains the temperature of the engine

For a high quality Fuel Injection Service at a competitive price, contact Port Adelaide Auto Repairs. We are located at 21 Liddon Place and service customers in and around Port Adelaide, Alberton, Ethelton and the surrounding areas.

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