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A fine balance...

If you have ever noticed a vibration through the steering wheel, or perhaps through the entire vehicle, that goes comes and goes at different speeds, you have probably experienced the effects of unbalanced wheels.

Wheel balancing should not be confused with wheel alignment, which refers to the direction all of the wheels face in relationship to each other and to the centre line of the wheel.

On a wheel that is perfectly balanced, every point on the wheel the wheel weighs the same, which minimises vibration and “Wheel Wobble”. An out of balance wheel and tyre can lead to reduced tyre life, wear in steering and suspension components and an uncomfortable ride. Port Adelaide Auto Repairs recommend regular wheel balancing for all vehicles.

Wheel balancing extends the life of your tyres and helps avoid costly repairs. During a wheel balance our mechanics will spin each of your wheels on a balancing machine that tests if the wheel is balanced within normal specifications, they will then apply weights to even the balance. Combine a wheel balance with a wheel alignment and you'll have yourself a safe and smooth drive.

  • Quality Workmanship: We are well known for our quality workmanship and attention to detail
  • Timely Delivery: If we say your car will be ready at a particular day and time, we will fulfil our promise
  • Courteous customer service, our team will explain what is required and when the work is completed we explain what we have done. No work is performed without your consent.
  • We pride ourselves in providing quality service at a competitive price.
  • We have experience performing repairs and service to Australian cars, European cars, Japan and Korean vehicle amongst many others.
  • Ongoing Training: We invest time and money into furthering our skills and education
  • Branded Materials: Our materials and equipment are all tried and tested leading brands.

Port Adelaide Auto Repairs wheel balancing services:

  • Standard wheel balancing
  • Mag and alloy wheel balancing
  • Four wheel drive wheel balancing
  • Tyre examinations
  • Supply and fitting of tyres
  • Tyre rotation
  • Puncture repairs

Wheels can be unbalanced in two planes; the rotational plane, which causes the wheel to bounce up and down, or the lateral plane, causing the wheel to move from side to side. Depending on the cause of the unequal weight distribution both conditions can usually be corrected by professional wheel balancing by your local Repco Authorised Service centre.

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