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Oil filters

Motor Oil is the most important fluid in your car after fuel.

Your car's oil filter will clean your oil between four or five times every minute removing the solid particles of dirt, carbon and metal particles which, if left behind in the oil, can damage bearings and cylinder wall surfaces, increase engine wear and shorten the engine life.

Oil filters should be replaced regularly for the benefit of your vehicles' engine life and to maintain the best performance. Manufacturer's recommendations on when oil filters need changing vary, and your vehicle should have the oil filter changed as per the log book schedule at the very least, but in reality, it depends upon a number of factors like driving conditions, age of the filter, engine age and mileage.

One thing is for certain: it needs to be done regularly to protect your engine and oil. Oil filter replacement is one of those things that, if done regularly and on time, will save you money on the costly repairs you could require if you don't get it done.

At Port Adelaide Auto Repairs we recommend an oil change and filter check during every full car service.

We can perform log book service and more on a wide range of makes and models right here in Port Adelaide - call us today and tell us about your car and your last service, and we can give you a quote today.

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